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16" x 20"


16" x 20"


14" x 18"


16" x 20"


Pet portraits


These make wonderful special personal gifts.


I work best from photographs. Where possible please e-mail or send as many images as

you can. Photos should preferably be taken in good daylight (not bright sunshine as these tend to cast dramatic shadows and flatten the image) and at the same eye level as your pet so I can get a good feel and likeness. Do show me your favourite images, the angles and poses of how you like to view your pet etc. Do let me know your full requirements and required finished date.

In general the better the resolution and quality of the image the better the painting will



Affordable prices for oil paintings on canvas (unframed)

£350 any size up to a 16" x 20" (40 x 50cm) canvas size 

£400  for a 20" x 24" (50 x 61cm) 

These tend to be the most popular sizes.

Larger sizes, square formats and multiple portraits are possible. Please ask for a quote.

I am happy to take on board any requirements you have.

Do try and allow a minimum of up to 2 - 3 months for your commission as oils do take a long time to dry. It may be possible that I can have your painting finished slightly quicker.


I can have your painting framed but from experience this is such a personal choice that

it is often easier that you are responsible for the framing so that you select the style of frame that would be to your taste and work with your interior.

I also offer other commissions - please contact me to discuss.


Limited edition prints of each painting (unframed) are available from £75 (same size as

the original painting) Paintings larger than A2 (42 x 59cm, 16" x 23") in size will be more. It is possible to print a larger or smaller size print than the original.




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